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Life is challenging, more so now than ever! You are likely here because you regularly find yourself overbooked, overwhelmed and exhausted. Juggling multiple obligations/responsibilities while still providing healthy "fuel" for yourself and your family has become another chore on your "to do" list. So leave the cooking to us! Everyone in your family will benefit from our delicious, healthy meal delivery service allowing you to focus on the more important people and activities in your life.

Our commitment to you is that all Fit meals are made fresh from scratch, with minimal added fats, sugars, or gluten, and our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with a product, we will provide a replacement or refund. Individual portioning in recyclable, reusable, BPA free microwaveable containers makes our meals easy to store, transport and reheat! Convenient pick-up and delivery options available. 

Please do not hesitate to call or message us with any questions you may have: (509) 319-7180.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Fit Family!


Hello and Welcome! If you are reading this you are likely over-booked, slightly stressed, not eating well, and looking for a convenient, healthy, affordable meal option for yourself and/or your family. Trust us! We have been there!

Like you (and everybody else!) we have felt the overwhelming fatigue of a busy lifestyle; getting a family ready for the day, pursuing careers, maintaining a household, running across town for multiple after-school activities, finding time for self-care, then fighting the urge to pull into the nearest  drive-thru instead of facing the challenge of finding time to cook a healthier, more nutritious and "clean" meal. As is the story with so many of us, our collective health suffered, and we felt the "mom guilt" of not being able to "do it all". 


Fast forward to 2017, and our friend Theresa started competitive bikini body building (and is now a Pro Body Builder with the IFBB!). This came with a very strict macro-based meal plan. So now, in addition to the struggles listed above, she had to find time to prepare 6 meals EACH DAY, just for herself. Drive-thru was simply no longer an option! 


One day as we helped Theresa put together her meals of canned green beans, cooked crumbled ground turkey, and white rice... and were discussing the challenges of meal prep, Theresa had an "AHA!" moment ..."Judy! YOU should start doing meal prep!" I laughed and said, "Yeahhhh, riiiight... because this is such FUN!?" But she convinced me to make a few meals for her, then her trainer wanted to try meals, then another competitor wanted some meals, and then another friend expressed interest...

For 2 years, with Celeste as the "Sous Chef" (and business administration guru), we proto-typed meals, menus, foods and flavors; scoped properties, kitchen equipment, business plans and loans; and fought to find  contractors to help us build our dream. We experienced many misfires, set-backs, and some downright near disasters. But as of March 1, 2019, WE MADE IT! We officially launched FitFlavors and are proud to offer you delicious, affordable, convenient and healthy meal options. We will ensure you can always maintain your health and fitness goals without losing a beat in your over-booked life!

Life is challenging; let us help you eat to compete!



- Judy & Celeste

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